Report from OE3XPU Pfadfinder Perchtoldsdorf JN88CC

20141019 JOTA _640It had just stopped raining, when we drove up the forest road to the Alpine Club mountain hut called “Teufelstein” which translated means “devils stone” after a weird rock formation nearby. The Rover scout leader Thomas and his team mounted the FD4 Windom antenna, which is 40 meters long between two tall trees, where pulleys were fastened years ago. The annual growth however causes trouble every year, so he had to trim some branches to avoid electrical drainage. This year he was very keen to get it right the first time, as he is preparing to take for the ham radio licence test himself. In the meantime Peter OE3PHW and Johannes OE3JOC set up the radio station in the dormitory of the hut. It was already dark, when we realised, that we could not get sufficient gain. We had to postpone solving the problem until daylight. The fog had cleared already, when we checked the antenna. When mounting the antenna, a wire was pulled of its posts at the balun. What a relief it was to find the cause was only a minor problem, that could be corrected immediately and the old wire worked very well. Maybe it is not the easiest solution to have the antenna in the Vienna Woods, but we love the place and the whole scout group always turns up. We managed 33 QSO in 24 countries. Amongst these were Georgia, formerly a part of the Soviet Union, the Scilly Islands, the USA and Gambia. The furthest station was JJ3PRT in Nara, the ancient capital of Japan, followed by CO8LY Santiago de Cuba and VE3YJ in Guelph near Toronto. jota_2014_01_thomas_im_baum_640Very remarkable was the scout station V55JOTA in Windhoek, Namibia. We listened patiently to the extra long QSO of OE3J hoping to have our turn before too long. It was fascinating to hear how the fifteen year old venture scout Melita managed the enormous pile-up. The Namibian children at the station spoke perfect German. While OE3J could direct their antenna to Africa, we were stuck and not heard with our 100 watt equipment. A very nice QSO was with the Pinkneys Green Scouts group GB0PG in Maidenhead, and the Lancaster District scout group GB1FMS were our scouts, guides, cubs and brownies could try out their English. All together we collected 75141 kilometres. Scout Valentin´s guess was close enough to win the quiz. He hoped for 98673 km, which we did not reach. We were way off our last year´s record of 108,141 km. After having installed the antenna and shak, the Rovers and Rangers spent the night on the hut. The scouts and guides hiked to the hut on Saturday to spend the weekend in the Vienna Woods and the cubs and brownies walked up on Sunday. Members of our scout and guide Fellowship looked after the kitchen and catered for the public with typical Austrian food. Because of the beautiful autumn weather there were numerous hikers, many of them former scouts with their children, de Dieter OE3DBU

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